Member Register

LEO member points management system

In order to enhance the LEO brand effect and consider the long-term interests of customers, LEO will successively launch exclusive member rights and activities to bring more benefits and more exciting to members.

I. Membership
Anyone who is familiar with and recognizes the LEO brand, LEO product purchasers or users, and participates in specific events organized by LEO, LEO members refer referrals to those who are willing to join can apply for membership for free.

II. How to register
1. Register directly as a member through the company website (
2. Participate in LEO specific online and offline events to register on site.
3. Contact the company's business sales staff through email, phone, chat software, etc. to help you register.

III. Member Points System
LEO members can get corresponding points when they spend normally and introduce other members to join. The accumulated points can be exchanged for beautiful gifts and participate in activities. At the same time, the actual product amount consumed by the member will affect the member's level. The higher the member's level, the more benefits they will enjoy.
The membership levels are: ordinary members, senior members, regional agents, special agents.

IV. Points calculation method
There are two parts to the method of obtaining points for LEO members: consumption points and reward points.

1. Spending points will be awarded to all LEO members from now on. The point conversion method is as follows: consumption points take the minimum unit of 1 US dollar, and 1 point is accumulated for every 1 US dollar spent, and less than 1 US dollar, the point is 0!
(1) The calculation of points is based on the actual amount received;
(2) Of the member's consumption amount, the part that is less than 1 USD will not be accumulated points before and after;
(3) Member's consumption points are credited to the points on the day when consumption is reached (ie accumulated points);
(4) In the event of a return or exchange, the points difference due to the return or exchange will be deducted from the points;
(5) Points only accumulate in the same member account, points from different accounts cannot be combined.

2. Reward points
LEO launched the following points promotions:
(1) A single consumption of over 1,000 US dollars will earn 10 extra points; a single purchase of 5,000 US dollars will receive 100 extra points; a single consumption of 10,000 US dollars will receive 500 additional points;
(2) For the first successful independent registration, 10 points will be sent;
(3) Registered members participate in online related activities and answer the relevant survey questions to get the corresponding points rewards marked on the event interface;
(4) Members refer customers to purchase products, and the referrers are rewarded with one-fifth of the points for the first purchase of referrals.

V. Points redemption instructions
1. After successful conversion, the corresponding points will be deducted from the member account.
2. Exchange points for event products, gifts, discount coupons, and other promotions that will be updated regularly.
3. The point redemption does not provide replacement or return service for the time being, so please pay attention to exchange carefully.
VI. special instructions
The above terms and conditions, together with the corresponding terms and conditions of any promotional content of LEO, are deemed to constitute a complete agreement between the members of this system and LEO. If you have applied for membership, you have participated in this system and accepted these terms, conditions, restrictions and requirements. You will be notified in time if the content of this system is changed! LEO has the final right to interpret these rules.